Every pet is assigned a unique identification number from the moment they come into our care, either at the vet clinic or to us directly. That identification tag remains with the pet throughout the cremation process, is on all of the paperwork, and on the urn containing the cremated remains.

Pets are typically cremated within 24 hours of coming into our care. Cremated remains are available for pickup at our facility, or delivered back to the vet clinic, within 3 to 4 business days. For an extra fee, cremated remains can be mailed anywhere within the continental United States.

Yes, unless there are active services for other families happening at that time, or there are repairs being made to either the crematory machines or the facility that would make it unsafe.

Contact your vet clinic, some are able to assist you after hours, or they may refer you to a 24-hour vet clinic. If you are able to keep your pet in a cool dry place until our offices open, you can bring the pet directly to us. If you are not able to get your pet to a vet clinic, or wait until our offices are open, or if you would simply like our staff to pick up your pet from your home, we can do that for an additional fee. Please call our contact number to have Best Friends staff dispatched to your home.

No. Best Friends Pet Cremations does not charge by weight; however, if you are using our services through your vet clinic, the clinic itself may charge for the cremation based on the weight of the pet.

No! While some pet cremation providers or vet clinics may choose to throw unwanted cremated remains in the dumpster, Best Friends will not. We are not in the disposal business. Communal cremated remains are placed in a communal ossuary (an underground vault), and are co-mingled with those of other pets. They are unrecoverable from the ossuary once placed there.

Yes! Best Friends Pet Cremations encourages families to pre-plan for their pet’s cremation. This affords the family the opportunity to capture today’s prices, and make all the necessary decisions without the pain and grief that comes with the actual death. These pre-planned arrangements can be placed on a 90-day payment plan.

No, Best Friends Pet Cremations accepts walk-in customers at any time during regular business hours.

Most vet clinics will honor your request to use Best Friends Pet Cremations if you make that known up front. Best Friends will pick up at any vet clinic in the Albuquerque/Rio Rancho area during normal business hours at no charge.

No, Best Friends does not offer that service directly, but does partner with multiple mobile vets, pet hospice organizations, and in-home euthanasia providers. Please see our Partner Clinics on the About Us page of our website.

No, once the pet has died, payment must be received in full either directly to us, or through your vet clinic before we bring your pet into our care.

Some families choose not to take the pet’s remains home, and instead choose a Communal Cremation. Many choose a personalized urn or other memorialization option for their pet’s remains (i.e., keepsake jewelry, memory glass, etc.). Still others choose to permanently memorialize their pet by selecting the perfect final resting place.

If you have any other questions, please contact us.

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